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Rage against the dying of the light

I would like to tell a different story, but it was not until Bloodborne , in 2015, that I really started enjoying Hidetaka Miyazaki 's games. I remember the word of mouth with Demon's Souls , I also remember how difficult it was to get my copy for PS3 , and on top of all that, I do perfectly remember me putting the game aside, frustrated and convinced that it was mechanically broken, totally unfair with the player. Some short of niche title for super hardcore players, but not something I could appreciate, not to mention enjoy. With these premises it was not strange that I didn't care about Dark Souls. It simply was not in my agenda. By that time Skyrim and Battlefield 3 were my principal focus. As I've said, I had to wait until 2015, with a new generation of consoles in between, before playing again a game from From Software . I was not super fascinated about Project Beast at the beginning, I did not follow the development, someday it was just released and I told mys